2018 LPGA Symetra Tour Plans

I have a clear vision of the direction my game is headed…increased clubhead speed, increased accuracy, keeping things simple, etc. However my schedule is very unpredictable at the moment…and how to financially get to the events is still up in the air.

Back in 2011, I did not get into a Symetra event until June. But when I did get in, I made 4 of 5 cuts and was reshuffled up in priority. I’m banking on the same thing happening this year. The first reshuffle will take place after an event in Pennsylvania in late May. That could be the first event I get into. I will need to make the most of that opportunity. So, I need to be ready! In order to be ready, I need to start planning to play in some smaller events.

I’d like to play a couple events on the Eggland’s Best Ladies Tour (based in Orlando) in May.

May 2-3 Timacuan Golf Club Lake Mary, FL   entry fee $395 plus food, lodging, gas, practice round fees. ($900)

May 10-11 Zellwood Station C.C Zellwood, FL entry fee $395 plus food, lodging, gas, practice round fees. ($900)

I also would like to sign up for one of the U.S Open Qualifier sites. Either May 14th at TPC Prestancia in Sarasota or May 17th at Seagate C.C in Delray Beach. It is a 36 holes one day qualifier. The U.S is being played in Shoal Creek, AL May 31-June 3. The entry fee for the qualifer is $200 and then food, gas, lodging, yardage books, practice round fees, etc. ($750)

I believe playing these three events will help me prepare for my first tour event. There will be a lot of pressure on me to play well in my first tour event, so I can be reshuffled up in priority.

So, my hopes is to get some start up money to at least get me going. ($2550) Or if you are interested in sponsoring me full-time I would love to discuss that too.

I plan on doing what I used to do out on tour. I will donate to a local shelter each week by getting $5 birdie pledges (or however much you would like to pledge). Each week I will take you inside a local shelter and highlight some of the animals! It is a great incentive for me to keep my focus up at all times!

I hope you will want to be part of my journey to the LPGA! I hope to do great things for animals in need all over the world!

Happy Tails,

Alexandra, Tommy, Roxy, Andrew, and Harley Quinn

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2018 is here!

Well I’ve posted the LPGA Symetra schedule link!!! It’s under the schedule tab!! Purses are up and we will be playing some fantastic venues!! I am very excited to see events were added in Ohio and Pennsylvania!! I love playing close to home! The Symetra Tour hasn’t had an event in Ohio since 2011! I also posted the link to the Eggland’s Best Women’s Tour. (formally known as the Suncoast Tour/NWGA Tour) I will need to play in as many of these smaller events to stay competitive and get back into the swing of things!!


I’m still actively pursuing a full-time sponsor for 2018. The Symetra Tour has 21 events on the schedule this year. Each event typically costs $1200-$1500. That includes the entry fee ($500), gas, food, and lodging. A year on the Symetra Tour typically costs about $35,000. I realize I might not be able to find a sponsor for the entire year, but would be very enthused to find some start up money!! Just to get going. I have two membership fees to pay for both tours. $400 each :( That’s just to be able to play!! I wish professional golf wasn’t so expensive.

Most of you know I have spent a great deal of time adopting dogs! I post all of our dogs on Petfinder and Rescue Me. People call me directly and I set the adoptions up! Paul and I recently cleared the shelter last weekend! We only had two small dogs left and there were several big dog kennels open! It is very difficult to stop!! And I’m not saying I want to stop, but obviously I’m still very much pursuing playing full-time on LPGA. I want to make sure I’ve given it my best shot and I know deep down I haven’t done that yet! My dream is to play the LPGA full-time and make lots of money for animals!!! When I’m done playing professionally, I know what I’m good at!!!! Adopting dogs!!!! After all dog is God spelled backwards. I know God has a plan for me!

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Our Petfinder Page!!  Click here to see all of the adoptable dogs at the Humane Society!!

So, same old story…please email me at alexandracasigolf@gmail.com if you can help with my 2018 campaign. I would love to answer any questions you may have!

Work the Bullet,

Alexandra, Tommy, Roxy, Andrew, and Harley Quinn

2018 is almost here!

I have found out that finding homes for shelter dogs and competitive golf are two of the most addictive things in life. I could throw chocolate in there too 😉 Where have I been??!! My gosh..I went to first stage of qualifying school back in August! Well, there was a hurricane and I’ve been spending a whole lot of time finding homes for dogs!!! Don’t worry I’ve still been working on my golf game!

23722316_10102086525807842_1035452508727559070_n 20953687_10101985719744002_9105958602597165090_n









Quickly I want to talk about when I went to first stage in Palm Springs, CA. Paul and I drove cross country for the second time in my career. We did it back in 2014 with our dogs and we did it again. We stopped along the way so I could practice and as bad as a 26 hour road trip sounds…I kind of enjoyed it! You get to see our country and it’s many landscapes. Florida palm trees to Louisiana swamps to the tumbleweeds of Texas to the beautiful rock of New Mexico and finally the mountains in California. It’s definitely a geography lesson. I found a place on Airbnb that was only about 10 minutes to the three courses! I am going to provide the link here, because if anyone is ever looking for a pet-friendly place near Palm Springs this rental was awesome! Nestled right in the mountains and next to some hiking trails!

Cathedral City Pet Friendly Rental

21463342_10102018549323262_4891428842755480473_n 20952934_10101984292923362_7542334239860368834_n

There are three courses at the Mission Inn Resort. (Dinah Shore, Palmer, and Player) The Dinah course is the course you would be familiar with, because the LPGA plays the ANA Inspiration there. (formerly Kraft Nabisco) I got there three days before the actual tournament began, so I had one practice round on each course. The first day I played the Player. It was the easiest of the three. Shorter and more room off the tees. The second day I played the Dinah. A bit longer and would require a little more strategy off the tees and a lot more slope in the greens. Lastly was the Palmer. I actually thought it was the hardest. Lots of water and difficult par 3’s to navigate.

At first stage everyone plays each course once and then a 54 hole cut is made. They say first stage is the hardest, because there are a lot more people and it’s 120 degrees! I’m used to Florida humidity, but nothing really prepares your eyeballs for that type of heat. My 7 iron head actually melted and the head came loose in the last round! It was tough to get the dogs out for their walks too. I could only take them very early and very late!

Round 1- (Palmer) I was nervous! I hadn’t played all year and now I was teeing it up at tour school! And starting on the stakes and lakes course! I was lucky to have Paul on the bag, because he really got me through this first round. I surprised myself with some really great shots and was actually content to start with a 74. I hadn’t put myself behind the eight ball in the first round!

Round 2- (Player) My favorite course. After having round 1 under my belt, my swing felt loose and I actually felt a surge of confidence. I slammed the ball down the first fairway and stuffed my wedge only to miss the putt by a mile. That would be the theme in round 2. I hit the ball so well all day and never made a putt. I turned a 66 into a 73. That put me outside the top 120 and that meant I needed a solid third round to make the 54 hole cut. I forgot to tell you there were about 360 girls from around the world at first stage.

Round 3- (Dinah) Round 3 would be the opposite of round 2. Ball striking not so great, but I switched putters and picked up some strokes on the greens! It seemed like the hole back nine I was getting up and down every hole. I’m sure I was making Paul nervous! I was even with one to play. 18 is the famous par 5 with Poppy’s Pond by the green. I hit 3 wood off the tee and then my layup with my hybrid found the right bunkers. Yikes. Not the pressure I wanted on the last hole. I had the wind in to me and water in front of me. I prayed that I would just hit my 7 iron solid and it would somehow find the green!! I swung and I hit the most pure 7 iron I have ever hit from a fairway bunker! I threw my club up in the air and said “I’m done” and started laughing and joking with Paul. He reminded me I may need to make that putt to make the cut! The pin was tucked on the front right and I would now have a putt from about 30 ft coming from the middle of the green. I would go on to drain that putt, which would cause some more silly laughter…b/c it was just one of those days! I posted a 71 and would be two shots clear of the cut! Phew!

Round 4- (Dinah) Everyone played the Dinah on the last day. I don’t know if I was mentally exhausted, but I got on the bogey train from the very beginning and couldn’t stop. A 78 would ruin my chances of getting to second stage :( Even though I was disappointed my q-school journey ended there, I was still proud of myself for playing as well as I did without any real preparation.

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I’m very thankful I got to compete. There was a long list of people who helped get me there. It felt great to be back in competition again. I was hoping I could play a few more events this fall here in Florida, but they were just too expensive. Even though I did not make it out of first stage, I will have conditional Symetra status. I’d like to apply for an exemption into the early FL Natural event, because I live nearby and love Winter Haven CC. After that, I will try and play any event that my status allows. If I play well enough, I will get reshuffled and won’t have any more problems the rest of the season.

But..as usual, this is all impossible without a real sponsor. I have a few ideas about some sponsors in the Sebring, FL area and I am working on packets of information to hand out. 2018 is right around the corner and it would nice to be able to plan a tentative schedule for once! If you know someone who would like to sponsor me or just get me started, please send me an email! alexandracasigolf@gmail.com

I will stay as connected to humane society as possible during the season. I became much more involved than I ever imagined and like I said at the beginning..once you start, it’s hard to stop! There was recently an article in the local paper about how my partner Cindy Dutton and I have increased the adoption rate by posting our dogs on Petfinder and Rescue Me. I have so much fun going out to the shelter and taking the dogs for trail runs. I get to take their picture and build their profile online. I establish a personal relationship with the dog and then the adopters. I love keeping in touch with all the wonderful families who have adopted from us. I have adopted many dogs out of state, the most recent one being from Maine! I have included a link to all of my dogs on Petfinder and the link to the newspaper article.

Current Adoptable Dogs

Recent story in newspaper!

I’m currently writing this from Daytona. Paul is playing in the Riv Open. He played a few weeks ago after having not played for two years. He shot 67-74-70 for a solid finish. Maybe he’ll win this weekend, so we can get a mini van so I can rescue more dogs :)


Alexandra, Tommy, Roxanne, Andrew, and Harley Quinn

HELP!!! LPGA Qualifying School Trip

Me again! Just a few days left to raise $1250 so I can enter LPGA Qualifying School! Stage 1 of LPGA Qualifying School is August 24-27 in Rancho Mirage,CA.

Some people seemed confused after yesterday’s blog. I am not able to enter yet. I have only found half of the entry! If I cannot find the other half, I will not be playing! Every donation helps!

If you have a PayPal account and would like to send a donation as a gift, my PayPal address is the same as my email. alexandracasigolf@gmail.com

Or if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can donate right here on my website. Click the link below.

Donate to Alexandra

I have every intention of highlighting the Humane Society of Highlands County throughout all the stages of LPGA Qualifying School. I hope you will want to be part of something special <3



Alex with Roxy & Tommy


LPGA Qualifying School Deadline In One Week!!!!

Over the years I’ve participated in a lot of different activities. Each activity always has its own group of people. I’ve encountered gymnastic people, track and field people, country club people, table tennis people, road race people, etc But I’ll tell you what group of people trumps them all: animal people! Since living in Lake Placid, FL and spending a lot of time at the Humane Society, I have met so many wonderful people who feel the same way as I do about animals. Two weeks ago I went to an open house at the shelter and it was probably one of the most enjoyable social functions I’ve ever attended. Why? Because I had something in common with everyone. If you know me well, I am NOT a social butterfly..an introvert for sure, but that night was different. I can’t tell you how many awkward Pro-Am parties I have had to attend! I’m just not a country club girl! I’d rather be rolling around in the dirt with the dogs LOL… but my dream is to still play on the LPGA! So, I’m not done with the country club crowd yet!

20139614_10101946321468462_1369838724276297808_n 20139746_10101946321159082_7750332040392249223_n 20228901_10101946296493512_648896676734229185_n









So, to cut to the chase my LPGA Qualifying School entry fee is due in one week! August 7th. The entry fee is $2500 and I have some good news. Speaking of animal people!!!! Karen Wiggins and her husband Rich have given me half of the entry! Karen is a volunteer at the humane society and her husband is a rare coin dealer. He is one of the top dealers in the country and has contributed to The Guidebook of the United States Coins (The Redbook). Take a look at his website by clicking the link below! Maybe you have your own coin collection and are looking for that special coin to complete your collection! I also got to go to their house and meet their three beautiful cats!

Rich Uhrich Coins Website Click here!

I am so thankful that Karen and Rich were interested in supporting my “Road to the LPGA”. I am truly blessed that they have jump started my campaign to get to LPGA Q-school! I am now looking for the other half of the entry fee. I have a Donate button right here on my website. Even if someone doesn’t have a PayPal account, they can still make a donation. If you send your donation as a “gift”, PayPal doesn’t take anything! The link to my donation page is below. Just click the donate button. If you would rather not use PayPal and donate a different way, please reach out to me!


The entry is obviously urgent. After I get that taken care of I will have to start working on the travel expenses. Below is an outline of my budget.

LPGA Qualifying School 1st Stage Budget

Golf ($2725)

Entry Fee- $2500

Yardage Books- $25×3 courses $75

Balls- $100

Gloves- $50


Car Rental ($971)

I am trying to get one of the dealerships to sponsor a car.

17 day car rental- $971


Gas ($550)

Roundtrip- $450

Onsite- $100


Food ($600)

17 days- $600


Lodging ($1030)

8 nights x $50= $400

9 nights x $70= $630


Total $5876

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how expensive it is to play professional golf..now you know! This is what weeds out a lot of potentially great players that have no choice but to pick a different career path. Just imagine if I had to pay a caddy! Add another $800-$1000 to that total. I know I have the skill set to play on the LPGA and I want to make sure I’ve given it my best shot.

Please email me if you would like to help or have any questions! alexandracasigolf@gmail.com

Adopt Don’t Shop,

Alexandra, Tommy, Roxy, and Andrew



Hello…it’s me

Sorry to all those that read my blog. It has been too long since I last checked in. Looking over my last blog, I had anticipated playing in a lot of events. Unfortunately that has not happened. I just don’t have the funds. It’s funny when you tell people you couldn’t afford your tour card and that you don’t have any money to play this year.The next question they ask is.. Are you going to do Monday qualifiers? Uhhhh did you not just hear what I said LOL. Monday Qualifiers are $500 for non-tour members and then add the travel expenses! Forget it!

What have I been up to if I’m not able to play tournaments? I’ve been pretty busy actually. I’m living in Lake Placid, FL. I decided to return to this area, because of Pinecrest Golf Club and the Humane Society of Highlands County. Pinecrest welcomed us back and gave us a place to practice at no cost again! Last year I volunteered at the Humane Society of Highlands County and was so excited to return to help the animals. This time I’ve had a lot more time to become more involved. Spending more time at the humane society has renewed my focus on why I want to be successful on the LPGA. I want to be able to help as many animals as I can with my earnings! Jillian Michaels always says that to accomplish anything you have to have a “WHY”. I have found mine. Below is a link to some videos I have made to give the dogs some visibility on social media. I also run the Petfinder website for the shelter.

Alexandra Casi Instagram Page

Humane Society Highlands County Adoptable Dogs

I’ve been making some extra money on an app called Poshmark. I started out with just my own clothing items, but now I have been frequenting thrift shops for new listings. I will admit I am addicted to Poshmark :) I have been researching some of the women that make a lot money on there and the key to making daily sales is having at least 250 active listings. I currently have 78. So, if I can slowly build my inventory and I have highly sought after items….I could be making around $100 a day. If you want to support me you can always buy something from my closet! Please check it out below!

My Poshmark Closet

I completely deleted my schedule, because there has been no schedule for me! However there is an important date circled on my calendar in August. August 7th is when the 1st Stage of LPGA Qualifying School entry fee is due. Last year I had made enough cuts to go straight to 2nd stage, but I couldn’t afford it. So, I didn’t lose my card. I couldn’t afford to keep it. It is CRUCIAL I go back to Qschool this year, because rumor has it that the format is going to be changing in 2018. It is $2500 for the entry. That’s what I am working on first and then of course I will have to come up with travel expenses. 1st stage is located in Rancho Mirage, CA on August 24-27 If you are reading this and can help please shoot me an email at alexandracasigolf@gmail.com

No one likes to admit that maybe they needed the time away. This year has been tough on me. It seems I’m always thinking about where Symetra is this week and how I loved the course or the city! But I have been fixing a lot of things in my game that were nearly impossible to fix during a season. I have found my WHY and now I just have to find the HOW!

From Heartland Florida,

18893321_10101879384510662_6921594875919883250_n (1)


Alexandra, Roxanne, Tommy, and Andrew


Schedule Update!

Sorry! It’s been awhile! I wanted to give a brief update on when I’ll be starting my season. Originally I had anticipated playing the Florida Women’s Open this week, but I just haven’t been able to get my membership paid! To play an NWGA event I need to pay the membership fee ($450) and the entry ($450)!! Why does professional golf have to be so expensive!!!!! But I am feeling optimistic that I may be able to start at the event at Timacuan in Lake Mary, FL. I am staying in Lake Mary, so that would be easy!


After I stayed two months in New Smyrna Beach, I tried renting a house in South Daytona (it was cheap..sometimes cheaper is not better!!!). I spent January feeling pretty crappy. My neighbors burned every other night and I ended up with a trip to the eye doctor. I’m not positive that is why I was having trouble with my eyes, but it only makes sense. Tommy didn’t even feel good and he went to the vet! Since moving to Lake Mary (in temporary housing), I’m starting to feel better and so is Tommy!! I’m looking for something year round here. I started practicing at Alaqua again (practiced here 13,14,15) Alaqua is in immaculate condition and at the right time of the day I could probably play 36 holes in 3 hours. That’s important to me..to be able to play a lot. I’m trying to find a process that is easily repeatable and will not do harm to my golf swing in the long run. For a few days I told myself I’ll just play one shot ( I’ll try to cut it and let it draw. Cuts are hard for me right now, because I worked so hard on fixing my swing path, so I would come from the inside) That only lasted for a few days, because I get bored too easily with one shot. Plus hitting draws to right pins is downright stupid.


I have to admit I am still pretty bummed about not being able to go to 2nd stage of LPGA Qschool, because of $…but it some sense I have some freedom. I will predominately play on the NWGA Tour and do Monday Qualifiers if I can find some backing. There are also all the fun state opens where you can make pretty good money too! I have options!! and of course the goal is to be ready to go back to Qschool next August!

Thank you to all who continue to follow my journey!




Merry Mango Mouth

You are about to learn a very valuable life lesson right now. Did you know that mangoes are in the poison ivy, oak, and sumac family? I was under the impression they were in the pine family. Either way I’m highly allergic to both. Poison ivy multiplies on me like when you cook  rice or pasta for the first time and you’re like “holy crap..I didn’t cook this much!!!” . Last summer I somehow got poison ivy under my watch. It was so bad that some motherly ladies that were working in a scoring tent at a tournament told me to go to the first aid tent. I now have a nice scar around my wrist. I have since tried to clean that watch with warm and soapy water, rubbing alcohol, bleach, etc. The urushiol (oil that causes poison ivy) seems to still be on the watch, so I got PI all over again. I even tried it on the other wrist….no go! I really liked that watch too.

Now I’ll take you back to when I was 10. My mother ordered a box of mangoes through the mail in the summer time. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Mangoes have a wonderful tropical flavor with a hint of pine. We smiled, we laughed, we ate a box full of mangoes like apples. The next day I had a rash around my mouth that blistered and scabbed. Last month I just discovered there is name for that rash! Mango Mouth! Anyone allergic to poison ivy would be allergic to the sap of a mango, because it also contains urushiol.

Now fast forward to a few weeks ago. I have had mango since that time I was 10, but I have never cut any up or gnawed on them like an apple. I have been frequenting the local farm market and saw a deal on mangoes! Yummy!! I brought four home and decided I would cut them all up. I didn’t want to waste any. So, after I had most of the fruit cut away from the pit, I ate them like an apple. I briefly hesitated to think of my unpleasant experience when I was 10. Naa! That won’t happen to me again as I nom nom nom on the mango. Let me stop here and insert “I’m an idiot” !!!! What’s even funnier (it’s not really funny :) ) is that I used a clarisonic brush on my face in the shower after eating the mango. Yep, pretty much scrubbed the oil all over my face.

Long story short..(actually this story is getting longer) I woke up the next day with Mango Mouth and my eyes swollen shut. Mango Mouth is basically poison ivy all around your lips. It took a few weeks to for it all to clear up. As I am writing this, I currently have no MM!!! Here is a link to another girl who did the same thing as I. So..lesson here is if you get poison ivy easily, do not handle mangoes! Let someone else cut them up for you and don’t let any get on your lips!

Mango Mouth


Back to some golf talk. I’ve been reading the Book Every Shot Counts and boy is it an eye opener. Below are some take home points from the first few chapters that you may want to maul over in your mind.

1. Strokes gained in driving is more valuable than accuracy. My thoughts- Hitting a pitching wedge from the rough is a lot easier to get close than a 5 iron from the fairway. Learn to hit it far first and then worry about accuracy later. Concern yourself with maximizing your distance off the tee.

2. Numbers show that it’s possible to win with below average putting, but victories almost never happen with below average ball striking. My thoughts- Hooray I can stop fretting over my putting. No… but I came to the realization that I can’t shoot a bad score by putting poorly. I can certainly shoot a bad score by poor ball striking. I’m already a great putter and I have to put in just as much work on my short game, but in 2017 I have to see more fairways and greens. My two wins on the Suncoast Tour in 2012 came while hitting less then 60% of the greens over three days. However, in both of the final rounds I hit 14 greens and capitalized on my putts. I was the exception to the rule :)

3. From 2004 to 2012 across all events on the PGA Tour, putting contributed to only 15% to the top 40 golfer’s scoring advantage. While off-green shots accounted for 85%. My thoughts- So, again reiterating that everyone always thinks it’s about putting, but it’s really not. You saw Tiger sink how many putts on the last hole to win a tournament? Yes–he made them, but it was everything else that led up to that moment. Hence EVERY SHOT COUNTS!!!

Here’s a link if you are interested in buying this book! I got mine used off Amazon for about $15.

Every Shot Counts


I have slowly been trying to put together a schedule for 2017. Click on the 2017 schedule tab to take a look. I have a rough draft started through May. I will start out playing NWGA (formerly Suncoast Coast) Tour events and shift into LPGA Monday Qualifiers. I will also try to get some sponsor exemptions into some Symetra events. If you are interested in sponsoring any of the events, please let me know! In return I would offer you five virtual lessons using an app called Technique. I downloaded the app to analyze my own swing and it is a very useful tool to monitor my progress. I can even compare my swing to any swing on the PGA or LPGA Tour.

I’ll be doing my annual “Top Moments of the Year” blog in a few days, so look for that :)




Chasing the two yard hook & one yard fade,

Alexandra, Tommy, Roxy, and Andrew



NSB is the place to be…but Shhhhh!

I finally decided where I would return to in Florida. Last year I spent the fall in New Smyrna Beach and absolutely fell in love with this little community. So, I reached out to the couple that I rented from last year and they were able to accommodate me again! I am about 100 steps from the beach and 1.5 miles from famous Flagler Avenue. You could spend a day downtown going in all the quaint little shops and eateries. There are so many art and cultural activities to attend and that is what makes NSB so attractive….but please don’t tell anyone! The locals don’t want anymore transplants! So Shhhhh!!!


When I am home I always go to church on Sunday and I wanted to stay true to my routine. For the past three weeks I have attended the Coronado United Methodist Church. There are three services and each week the total attendance in around 500. If I don’t get there fifteen minutes early, I end up in the balcony! I go to the traditional services with hymns, scripture, etc. Each week I have left with a positive message and feeling uplifted for the week! The last three weeks have focused on kindness. If you want to be holy, be kind. Find things in life that you are passionate about and figure out a way to use that passion to brighten someone else’s life. Plant seeds of kindness in others. You never know when those seeds will blossom. If you would like to listen to any of the sermons, they are posted on the CUMC website that I linked below.

Coronado UMC

I’ve been down here by myself and really enjoying my solitude. Below is an excerpt from an article called “How To Ruin Your Life Without Even Knowing It” ….

Be alone. Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, and your own stunning clarity.

I really like that passage. I’ve been enjoying making some super healthy meals for myself and the dogs :) Yes I cook for the dogs!! It is actually cheaper than buying wet food to mix with their dry. It’s amazing how little garbage one makes when eating only fresh foods. No boxed items please! When I walk the dogs I sometimes look at what is in other people’s recycle bins. You can tell a lot about someone’s life by what they eat!!! Not that I didn’t eat healthy before, but I have really been eating super clean since I spent a month with my parents in October. They eat so clean and keep sugar to a minimum. I have a lot more time to workout when I am home, so it was like a month long boot camp. Thanks Mom & Dad! I’ve cut sugar/sweets out of my diet, except for some dark chocolate :) A girl cannot live without chocolate right!!!!??

I will never sleep by myself, because I never see myself dogless. Roxy refuses to sleep anywhere but a humanoid bed and that is fine with me. So, I am not here alone..but with my best two friends..actually I have one more best friend at home (Andy)!!!


12341090_10101350823281602_6486963319480284314_n 12347992_10101350823276612_910124187673874886_n

I have of course been spending a lot of time at the golf course. I practice at LPGA in Daytona Beach, because it is free with my tour card. I have taken control of my equipment situation and have started the process of revamping my bag. I will obviously be staying loyal to Cleveland/Srixon, but there will be some significant shaft changes. I was recently given a shaft to take out on the course that fit my iron swing speed. I wanted to sit down and cry after seeing the improvement from my own irons. I felt like I had to do something stupid to not hit the green. And if there is one statistical area I need improvement, it’s GIR! I mean I’m sure I’ll still miss a green, but the dispersion pattern was remarkable. I hope to continue to build my whole bag with clubs that fit me and will not hinder my true ability/creativeness. I want to thank Randy Hartwig for his donation that has made it possible for me to start making these changes.


My equipment should be a non-issue come January and I should be able to just play golf! Something I have never been able to do! I need more constants and less change for 2017. I would like to see the clubs remain the same all year…with the exception of a putter or driver. I will be posting my 2017 schedule soon and would love to hear from you if you are interested in sponsoring an event.

This weekend I start working for the Florida Professional Golf Tour. It is a large men’s tour that is based in the Daytona/Orlando area. I have known the tour director for many years and I am very excited for this opportunity. It is a great fit for me as I continue to stay competitive with my own game.

Keep in mind: The tougher the lesson, the bigger the blessing!!!!


Alexandra,Tommy, Roxy, and Andy

I would like to share a story…

Last week I had the honor of giving a very special young lady her first golf lesson EVER! Her name is Emily and she is a 6th grade student in my Dad’s social studies class. Emily had never swung a golf club before and desperately wanted to see if she might like it! I met her at a local range and brought a few of my clubs for her to use. I was so impressed with her ability to make contact nearly every single time! I gave her the basic fundamentals and told her to hit it hard! It’s important to learn how to hit it far first and then worry about direction! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to share my love for this game with another young person. I think she may have a new set of clubs coming for Christmas :)


Before Emily arrived at the range, I met another gentleman in the parking lot. He was getting ready to hit balls and started to ask me a few questions. I told him I was there to give a lesson to a little girl and that I play professionally. I handed him my card and told him he could find out more about me on my website. He wasn’t there long and didn’t hit hardly any of his balls. Before leaving, he left all the balls he didn’t hit for my lesson. Wow! What a nice gesture.

A few days later I received a text from this gentleman asking for a lesson! So, Dr. Randy Hartwig and I met yesterday for a lesson together. Northeast Ohio has had phenomenal weather for the month of October, but unfortunately yesterday’s weather was cold and blustery. Dr. Hartwig was looking for more consistency and wanted to know “how to draw” the golf ball!!! It’s funny how most amateurs always want to hit a draw. I know growing up my Dad always talked about a draw like was an elusive magic trick. There are no magic tricks in the game of golf. You need good information and then you have to work your butt off! I will say after playing professionally for a few years, I would much rather lean on a fade. Lee Trevino once said “You can talk to a fade, but a hook won’t listen” 😉

I gave Randy my tried and true drill for hitting proper draws. I have included the link to a video that shows the drill below. You basically open up way left of your target, but try to hit the ball right. This will give you that inside out club path with some nice extension.


I was thrilled to see Randy have some immediate results doing this drill. All his shots will not be proper draws now, but do this drill enough and he will find consistency. I felt bad it was so cold for his lesson, but I was glad I was able to give him a simple drill that will make his golf game more enjoyable.

I do a lot of junior clinics throughout the year, but I’ve never given a lot of lessons to adults. I don’t have a going rate per say, but let’s just say I was very appreciative of the card and money that Mr. Hartwig handed me. That will be very helpful in my return to Florida.

Last night, I received an email from Randy and I would like to share it with you.

Hi Alexandra,
I want to thank you for being so cordial on the first day we met at that driving range. You were kind to me, a stranger. When you told me you were a touring LPGA professional and that you were going to give a lesson to young girl, I was so very happy for you and your young pupil.
As I expressed in text, the look on that little girls face with that big smile and star struck eyes was just priceless. Then today you told me she was adopted. She has been through a lot, but on that day, she felt so very special.
Yesterday on 10/23 I felt very sad and blue. That is my son Randy’s Birthday. He died in my arms 14 years ago at the age of 20.
Today I was so worried that I would do so badly at this golf lesson. You made me feel very comfortable and taught me things that were opposite of what I was trying in the past on my own. You complimented me on many aspects of my swing, stance, grip, posture etc.
You brightened my day so very much and placed a smile on my face this day. Thank you and may all of your dreams come true. Now, my family and friends will be rooting for you on tour also.
I was in tears at the end of the email. I decided to google his son’s obituary and found out he had cerebral palsy. I am sharing this personal experience with you, because I think it is good reminder to all of us to be kind to everyone you meet. Smile at a stranger. Be the best YOU can be every single day. You never know what people are going through and how you may touch their life.
Alexandra, Tommy, Roxanne, & Andrew